After Harshal Patel’s ‘Non-Striker Run-out’ Attempt, Ben Stokes Floats ‘No Controversy’ Idea

Harshal Patel missed running out Ravi Bishnoi© Twitter

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) match in the Indian Premier League (IPL) could’ve ended differently if Harshal Patel hadn’t missed running out Ravi Bishnoi at the non-striker’s end before the last delivery of the match. Harshal’s miss proved costly as Lucknow scored the remaining one run on the final ball to win the match. But, the incident has sparked the age-old debate over non-striker run-out again. After commentator Harsha Bhogle asked if anyone still finds the form of dismissal wrong, Ben Stokes floated a ‘controversy-free’ idea.

There remain those who feel the non-striker should be warned if he/she is trying to leave the crease early to gain an unfair advantage, before being run-out. The Harshal-Bishnoi incident prompted Bhogle to ask if there are people who still feel that a non-striker run-out shouldn’t be taking place.

“Bishnoi was leaving his crease early. Any silly people out there still saying you shouldn’t run the non-striker out?”, Bhogle wrote.

In response, Chennai Super Kings and England all-rounder Ben Stokes suggested an alternate way around the issue.

“Thought’s Harsha?

Umpires discretion.. 6 penalty runs if obviously trying to gain unfair advantage by leaving crease early? Would stop batters doing it without all the controversy”

Reflecting on the team’s nervous win, the LSG skipper KL Rahul said at the end of the match: “Unbelievable. This is the Chinnaswamy, only venue where so many last-ball finishes are possible. From the position we were in, to end up winning it, is superb. We had to go hard and the ball swung early, and they got 2-3 wickets to put the pressure on us. The only reason we got two points today is for the way the lower order batted. Not ideal for me, I want to score more runs and get the strike rate up as well.

While Bishnoi escaped a run-out at the end, he was quick enough to get to the other end of the match on the last ball after the RCB wicket-keeper fumbled, allowing the LSG pair some extra time to complete the run.

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