“Could’ve Gone To Jail”: David Warner On Getting Caught Off-Guard By Australia Great’s Prank

David Warner revealed Ricky Ponting taught him a lesson with a prank of his own.© AFP

Australian batter David Warner has revealed how Ricky Ponting taught him a lesson after he played a prank on him. Warner, who made his Australia debut under Ponting’s captaincy, has revealed an unheard tale from his first overseas tour in 2010. Notably, Warner led the Delhi Capitals in the ongoing season of Indian Premier League (IPL), with Ponting as the head coach. To install franchise. Warner recalled that he once put “vegemite” on the key hole of Ponting’s hotel room.

“During my first away series, which was in South Africa in 2010, Ricky Ponting’s room was next to me. I thought it would be smart to put vaseline on his door handle. I also put vegemite on his keyhole. I was looking through my peep hole that he was trying to open his door. He went on to put the key but it didn’t open. He had to take help from the reception. Someone must’ve told him it was me,” Warner told Gaurav Kapoor in The latest episode of ‘Breakfast with Champions.

However, Warner further revealed that it was the last prank he ever pulled on Ponting, who taught him a lesson with a prank of his own.

“Three weeks later, I went home and didn’t open my cricket kit. I went to pull out my cricket shoes, and there was salmon and eggs. I was like what is going on here. Who would do this to me. I went through customs in Australia. I could’ve gone to jail for not declaring the stuff. I figured out it was Punter. I was sick as a dog. Ponting told me ‘You wanna play prank on me? I will have the last laugh’ . That was the last time I ever pranked Ricky Ponting. I’ve learned my lesson,” he added.

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