India vs Australia live score over 3rd ODI ODI 31 35 updates

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34.6 overs (1 Run) Quicker one on the pads, worked away towards square leg for a single. 13 off the over, a good one for Australia.

34.5 overs (6 runs) SIX! A lapse in error on the field has cost India this boundary. Flighted ball on middle, Alex Carey makes room and hammers it away right back over the bowler’s head for a maximum. IND vs AUS: 3rd ODI: It's a SIX!  Alex Carey Hits Axar Patel.  AUS 185/5 (34.5 Ov).  CRR: 5.31

34.5 overs (2 runs) NO BALL! Floated up outside off, Marcus Stoinis drives it down to long off for a single. The umpire has called a no ball for the number of fielders inside the ring and not for the front foot. Nevertheless, it will be a Free Hit to follow.

34.4 overs (1 run) Short again, this time Alex Carey backs away and cuts it towards deep point for a run.

34.3 overs (0 run) Shortens the length and bowls it on off, kept out.

34.2 overs (1 run) Quicker one at 97.2 clicks and outside off, slapped in front of point for a single.

34.1 overs (2 runs) Flatter one around off, Marcus Stoinis taps it away behind point and races back for a couple of runs.

33.6 overs (2 runs) Shortish ball outside off, Alex Carey frees his arms and slaps it over cover-point for a couple of runs.

33.5 overs (0 Run) Excellent length, right on the money and Alex Carey blocks it out.

33.4 overs (0 run) Four dots on the trot now! Hard length, angling in from around middle, Carey fends it towards mid-wicket.

33.3 overs (0 run) Short of a good length around off, Alex Carey with a short-arm jab towards mid on.

33.2 overs (0 Run) Pitched up around off, Alex Carey punches it towards mid off.

33.1 overs (0 run) Mohammad Shami comes back and starts from around the wicket. This is bowled on a length and angling in from outside off. Alex Carey looks to drive but the ball stays low and beats him on the inside edge.

32.6 overs (0 Run) Quicker and flatter around off, blocked out.

32.5 overs (1 Run) Shorter in length and around middle, Alex Carey goes down to sweep but gets it off the gloves. The ball loops up over the keeper’s head and they get a single.

32.4 overs (0 run) Full and around off, Alex Carey looks to drive but gets an inside edge towards short fine leg.

32.3 overs (1 Run) Floated up around off, pushed off the front foot through extra cover for one.

32.2 overs (4 Runs) FOUR! Nicely done! On middle, Marcus Stoinis gets down on one knee and plays the reverse paddle fine of the man at short third man and picks up a boundary. IND vs AUS: 3rd ODI: Marcus Stoinis hits Axar Patel for a 4!  AUS 169/5 (32.2 Ovs).  CRR: 5.23

32.1 overs (1 run) Quicker one, sliding it into the legs, Alex Carey works it behind square leg for a single.

31.6 overs (1 run) Flatter and around leg, this is worked off the back foot past mid-wicket for one.

31.5 overs (0 Run) Quicker one on off stump, Alex Carey presses forward to defend.

31.4 overs (1 run) This is fired in around off stump, Marcus Stoinis pushes it firmly down to long off and picks up a run.

31.3 overs (0 run) Fuller and outside off, driven straight to extra cover.

31.2 overs (0 Run) Beaten! Bowls it a bit wider of the off pole and Marcus Stoinis looks for the cover drive. The ball grips slightly and goes past the outside edge.

31.1 overs (1 run) Flatter one on the pads, nudged away towards short fine leg for a single.

30.6 overs (0 run) Floated up around leg, Marcus Stoinis strides out and pads it away. The ball loops up and Virat Kohli grabs it at leg slip and there is half an appeal for the catch, just to keep the crowd entertained perhaps.

30.6 overs (5 runs) FIVE WIDES! Beat everyone! Tossed up on leg stump and this one turns in sharply, going past the keeper and fine of the man at leg slip as well, the ball runs away into the fence.

30.5 overs (1 Run) Tosses it up around middle, Alex Carey drives it down to long off for a single.

30.4 overs (1 run) Turning onto the pads, Marcus Stoinis tucks it away through backward square leg for one.

30.3 overs (4 runs) FOUR! Nicely done! Floated up on a length and spinning down leg, Marcus Stoinis plays the reverse paddle and gets it fine over short third man for a boundary. IND vs AUS: 3rd ODI: Marcus Stoinis hits Kuldeep Yadav for a 4!  AUS 154/5 (30.3 Ov).  CRR: 5.05

30.2 overs (1 run) Floats it up now outside off, Alex Carey heaves it to deep mid-wicket and collects a run.

30.1 overs (0 run) Flatter trajectory on off stump, Alex Carey keeps it out on the off side.

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