Ravi Bishnoi’s Daring ‘Move After’ Harshal Patel’s Failed Run-Out Attempt That Went Unnoticed

A missed run-out attempt at the non-striker’s end by Harshal Patel cost Royal Challengers Bangalore dearly, with the franchise going on to lose the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 clash to Lucknow Super Giants by just 1 wicket. Harshal had spotted that non-striker Ravi Bishnoi was leaving his crease early, but the RCB pacer missed out on inflicting the bails by centimetres. However, what Bishnoi did on the eventual final ball of the match would make many RCB fans even more furious.

The drama-filled last over of the RCB vs LSG clash saw the KL Rahul-led franchise needing 5 runs from 6 balls to win the match, with 3 wickets in hand. Lucknow lost two wickets and required 1 run from the final ball to take 2 points from the contest.

After Harshal’s failed attempt to dislodge the bails at the non-striker’s end, it was a fumble from the RCB wicket-keeper. Dinesh Karthik that allowed the visiting side to take one run and complete the tricky run-chase of 213 runs.

Despite seeing himself nearly being run out by Harshal, Ravi Bishnoi dared to leave the crease early once again on the final ball, and this time, Harshal didn’t even spot him doing so.

A Twitter user highlighted Bishnoi’s act while sharing screenshots of various phases from Harshal’s final delivery.

“Bishnoi takes a bigger head start. Leaves before Harshal has leaped into his action. By release point, Bishnoi is past the white markings for protected area for bowlers followthrough, 5-6 feet beyond the crease. He completes the run before Avesh has run 10 yards,” the Twitter user wrote.

The Twitter user also claimed that multiple Lucknow players left the crease early from the non-striker’s end. Bishnoi wasn’t the lone culprit.

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