Sachin Tendulkar Explains Why Use Of Saliva On Cricket Ball Should Return

File photo of Sachin Tendulkar

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic saw plenty of new rules being brought into cricket. Be it bio-bubble restrictions, pre-series quarantine, or regulations over a player testing positive for the virus, almost all Covid-19 rules have gone, but one still remains. The rule that is still intact is the ban on the use of saliva. Indian cricket legends Sachin Tendulkarhence, has spoken in favor of the return of usage of saliva on the ball, while admitting that the International Cricket Council’s decision during Covid-19 was right.

“I am not a medical expert, but saliva on the ball should be back. It has happened for over 100 years and nothing drastic has happened. Yes, the decision was rightly taken in 2020, but that is now behind us. Now, it is something that should be considered,” Tendulkar said on India Today Conclave,

Tendulkar also touched upon the hygiene part of the issue, suggesting if putting the ball under the armpits (to apply sweat) is fine, then there shouldn’t be any objection on saliva.

“If you think that is unhygienic, I have seen guys putting the ball under their armpit. Saliva is important when the ball is new. The texture of saliva is slightly different to your sweat. You make one side heavy and keep the other side light … we don’t touch the other side of the ball light. The imbalance of the weight helps you swing the ball,” he added.

A few other suggestions on the subject have also been made in the past. For instance, Australian pacer Pat Cummins had suggested the ICC should allow the use of an artificial wax-like substance to shine the ball. However, the apex body paid no heed to the suggestion.

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