“Was Shivering”: Virat Kohli On First Meeting With Anushka Sharma, And Talking About High Heels

"Was Shivering": Virat Kohli On First Meeting With Anushka Sharma, And Talking About High Heels

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Virat Kohli has often described wife Anushka Sharma as the one who has always stood by his side. The star couple got married in 2017 and are now proud parents to a daughter. The duo can often be seen together at events and TV commercials. Their first meeting was at the shoot for a TV commercial too. However, the confident man that he is on the cricket field, Virat Kohli has now revealed that he was ‘shivering’ with nervousness before meeting Anushka for the first time in 2013. He even said that in his nervousness he also made some awkward statements.

“I remember it was 2013. I had just been named the captain for the Zimbabwe Tour, I was excited. Then my manager called up about a TV commercial. He told me that I was shooting with Anushka Sharma. She was a well-established , one of the top actors. As soon as I heard that, I was shivering. I was so nervous. I was so, so tense before walking on the set (of the ad shoot in 2013). I was thinking ‘how am I’ going to say hi to her? What am I going to say?’. I was so completely out of it. I went there 5 minutes before her. I did not realize how tall she was. Out of my nervousness…First thing I told her, she was wearing a decent-high heels. The first tithing I told her when I saw her heel was ‘Didn’t you get anything higher to wear?’,” Kohli said on a chat show with AB de Villiers on Three Sixty YouTube channel,

“She was like ‘excuse me?’. It was so bad. I was so nervous. But then the shoot went on and I kind of figured out, along the whole day, she was a pretty normal person. We could connect on the same things that an ordinary middle-class household would experience. We really connected on those experiences.”

Kohli also revealed an awkward message that he sent to Anushka before dating. “It was not like we started dating immediately. We spoke for a long time. I thought I was dating her already. We had hung out for a few months and I remember, one day I sent her this message,” Kohli said.

“‘When I used to be single, I used to do this and that…’ She is like ‘What do you mean you used to be?’. I had already decided in my mind that we were dating. That was again a little awkward. But then eventually, she found me to be a decent guy,” he added. Needless to say, de Villiers was laughing his heart out after hearing the incident.

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