“When I Fell In Love…”: Shikhar Dhawan Breaks Silence On Separation With Wife

It’s been a while since Shikhar Dhawan and his wife Aesha Mukherjee parted ways. Since the rumors over the couple’s separation began, neither the cricketer nor his wife spoke openly about the topic. However, in an interview, Dhawan finally opened up on the subject, explaining how he and his wife decided to go their separate ways. The cricketer also spoke on the topic of ‘remarriage’, while lending an important piece of advice to youngsters who get into relationships.

In an interview on Sports TakDhawan admitted that he ‘failed’ in marriage but doesn’t want to point fingers at others because the decisions he took were his own.

“I failed because the final decision is the person’s own. I don’t point fingers at others. I failed because I was not aware of that field. The things I talk about cricket today, I wouldn’t have been aware of the same 20 years back. It comes with experience.”

The opening batter revealed that his divorce case hasn’t been settled yet. He didn’t rule out the subject of ‘remarriage’ but isn’t thinking about it at the moment.

“Right now my divorce case is going on. Tomorrow, if I want to marry again, I will be much more wiser in that field. I’ll know what kind of girl I need; someone whom I can spend my life with. When I was 26-27 and I was continuously playing, I was not in any relationship. I used to have fun, but was never in a relationship.

“So, when I fell in love, I couldn’t see the red flags. But today, if I fall in love, I will be able to see those red flags. So, if I see those red flags, I will walk out . If not, I will carry on,” he added.

The cricketer also advised youngsters to experience relationships and understand if they enjoy their partner’s company. Only then should the decision of taking the relationship to the next step should be taken.

“Youngsters, when they get into relationships, they need to experience it. That’s important. They should not take an emotional decision in haste and get married. Spend a couple of years with the person and see whether your cultures match and whether you enjoy each others’ company.

“It’s also like a match; some might need 4-5 relationships, others might take 8-9 to figure things out. There is nothing bad in that. You will learn from it, and when you take a decision on marriage, you will have some experience,” he said, explaining the topic in cricketing analogies.

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